Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wii & Wine: Week 9: The results are in!

Let's get right to it today.  Here are my new numbers from my weekly weight
in with the Wii Fit Plus.

BMI: 24.54
Weight: 147.3 

I was hoping to maintain this week, so I am happy with my 
results.  I had an up and down roller-coaster last couple of 
weeks.  First, my son was sick with an ear infection and a cold
for the last couple weeks.  Whenever he is sick it takes a toll on me emotionally and mentally.
Then, I received my monthly gift about 1o days earlier than expected, which sent my 
hormones into over drive.  I went from a raging bitch to depressed to happy in about five 
seconds every five seconds.  So yes, needless to say a maintenance is a thumbs up for sure!

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