Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 1: The dreaded weigh in.

Here is the first post I wrote on my wine blog about my weight loss journey.  Each week I will include my current weight post along with one of my old ones.  This way it will be easier to follow and see where I have been and where I am going.  Thank you!

Wii and Wine: Truth in the numbers - The weekly weigh in

I have dreaded writing this post, yet knew it would be a must if I was going to keep myself honest, posting my weekly weight.  Like most women, I either lie or avoid saying my scale number for various reasons.   I have been always embarrassed to admit what the scale said, regardless of what the results were because I was never happy with the number.  Even at my lowest weight, I was still not satisfied with the scale, as I always thought it should be lower.  And it did not help that every graph and goal weight literature I read reinforced this sick notion.  So, to help myself get over my scale fears and maybe to inspire you to do the same, every week I am going to weigh in and post that number here.

Am I a little scared, yes, however at the same time relieved.  As it is no longer a deep dark secret that only I and my moral enemy, the scale, knows about.  After all, it is only a number and it does not define who I am and what I can and cannot do in life.

My weight loss goals are also very simple and realistic for once in my life.  I am not looking to be a supermodel or a fitness model, or anything in between.  I am looking at getting back into the clothes that I already have in my closet, but are currently in the "too tight, does not fit" pile.  I am not looking for my jeans to say size 2 but to get back into the ones that say size 8.  That's it.  Should be simple, but with my history of hyper body dismorphia, it could be a challenge, but a challenge that for the first time I am ready to take head on and not hide from.

So here it goes my first set of stats!  Every Tuesday I will be weighing in on the Wii Fit using the balance board which does everything for me, and cannot cheat!
My current weight is: 153.2
My current BMI is: 25.53 which for me at just under 5'5" means I am slightly overweight (really!)

I set a goal to get my BMI to 24.99 which is at the top end of the healthy zone, which is only a weight loss of 4 pounds.  And my plan is to lose those pounds over the course of the next 30 days, a very reasonable goal.  I am not following any crazy weight loss or fitness plan, just writing down everything I eat, and being active.  There is no magic pill, even though I have been looking for one for my entire adult life, just eat less and move more!  Exactly what I plan on doing!  With a little wine and great food naturally:)

So wish me luck and join the fun!

This was originally published on 1/3/12

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