Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 12: Good news on and off the scale

Last week was very draining for a variety of reasons, and one being the lack of sleep.  However, I still maintained good results on the scale, so here are my new numbers.

BMI: 24.74
Weight: 148.6
down 0.2 pounds

Losing weight is more than a smaller number on the scale, and I am still slowing learning that lesson.  I had a number of breakthroughs and revelations this past week and none of them have anything to do with the scale.  My body image is an attachment, and item inside my box that I have firmly held on to for many years.  I am finally ready to take it out of my box and replace it with truth.  But believe me, that is a hard one, and I will talk more about it later this week.  But I do want it out of the box and replaced with Christ's truth.  That may or may not translate to a smaller number on the scale, but I am also okay with that, well most days that is, let's be honest.  

A number does not define me, my identity with Christ does.

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