Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 4: Weigh in results

Once I weighed myself I was really considering lying, but what purpose would that serve, besides I am working on changing how I view myself, and lying would not help that!  This is my first thumbs down weigh in. Oh well, time to move on and get back to a thumbs up next week.  Here are my new numbers.

BMI: 25.12
Weight : 150.8
up 1.5 pounds since last week.

Well they say the scale does not lie!  And yes, I know that to be true.  Yes, I could choose to lie to myself like I have so many times in a the past and say, it is just muscle Renee, so don't worry about anything.  The problem with that thought process is, it gives me permission to not change my eating habits or any destructive behaviors, which then leads to more weight gain, and I get further and further from my goal.  Yes, I could be getting more muscles and the muscle mass is replacing fat mass, but my goal is not become a muscle queen.  I still have too much weight on my body for my frame, therefor, pounds still need to come off.

I could say a million different things to rationalize the weight gain, but it all comes down to a choice.  Do I choose to recognize what I did as far as my eating patterns not being so great, and therefor get back to what I know I need to do, or again throw a pity party.  Well as you read in my previous post, I have been there done that, and not going back.  I already made my mistakes last week, and now the scale is letting me know, hey you got caught so cut it out if you want to reach your goal weight.  Yesterday and Monday I got back to basics and I did not let the previous weeks attitude trickle into this week.  And besides, now I can celebrate getting below 150 twice!  It is all how you look at things, and I am choosing not to dwell on the negative but move forward and regain that momentum!

Thank you and good luck!

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