Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 7: 10 reasons why I hate losing weight

What was going on in my brain last week?

Now that I have your attention with my post title here it goes.  This is my list of 10 reasons I often use myself or hear about when trying to lose those unwanted pounds.   And these are in no particular order.  Watch out for the dose of sarcasm.

1.  I can no longer eat whatever I want when ever I want and that's no fun!
2.  It's hard.
3.  You mean I can't drink all the wine I want and still be skinny.  That's what the Real Housewives do!
4.  But candy tastes so darn good!
5.  Exercise takes too much effort, and I hate to sweat.
6.  I don't have the time to think about it.
7.  But I always fail so I might as well give up now.
8.  Tracking my food sucks.
9.  I don't want to think, I wish I had an easy button, I just wish I was already skinny.
10.  I hate being hungry!

Now, I don't really hate trying to lose weight, it was just my clever way to get you to read my blog.  Hey, you are here so it worked.  Wink, Wink.   Being serious now, don't love the fact that I need to drop a few pounds either, but this week I did think about all the excuses I run through, on an almost daily basis since I have tackled this issue.  All those reason are legitimate reasons for not losing weight or even maintaining a current weight, however, they are really worthless excuses.  And excuses make me fat, fat in the head and fat in the thighs.

Every time I bring out one of those excuses and use them, it gives me a license to gain weight, weight I really don't want to gain, but do anyways.  I mean really #2, it's hard.  Jee weez genius if it was easy, there would be no need for the endless weight loss products in the market that claim you can lose weight and still eat whatever you want.  If it was easy, there would be no need for a billion dollar weight loss industry. If it was easy, no one would be obese, everyone would be at their perfect size and stay at that size until the end of time!  It is hard to imagine that I would ever use that excuse.  What is more hard, losing those few extra pounds or buying a whole new wardrobe every couple months to keep indulging my current bad attitude.  Honestly, whenever I come across any excuse, the best thing to do is think it through, and 99% of the time, you realize the excuse is a worthless piece of crap.

Let's look at #3 now.  I know I am going out of order, but oh well.  Yes, in every single one of those reality shows the women are as skinny as a stick and all they do is show them drinking wine or some fancy cocktail.  Cut to real reality, most likely a very small amount of liqueur is consumed during the entire time the show is taping.   The people behind these shows know what works and are very clever in how to edit the final product.  Would you watch a show where the women sat around, drank diet Coke and talked about their kids?  No.  I know I wouldn't.  Wine brings out the drama and drama sells air space.  Plus, they don't eat much.  And quite frankly I really enjoy food, and you couldn't pay me enough money to give up food.  About the only weight loss program I have not tried is starving myself, because I know it would only work for about 10 seconds, then I would be hungry, and eat.

And finally let's tackle number one, my personal favorite and one I use often.  There are the super lucky people in the world that can get away with eating all the time, and eating pretty much whatever they want.  I have a brother-in-law like that, and yes it really is a super hero power.  However, for the majority of society, we were not gifted with that power, we are mere food mortals.  And you know what, that is ok.  It used to drive me nuts to see thin women down a bottle of wine, followed by a chaser of cookies.  While I still do burn with a slight bit of envy to be honest, now at least I don't want to kill them and steal their DNA.  I know what I was born with, and that's okay with me.  I do have to watch my calorie intake, always have, nothing new, now I just need to fully embrace it.

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, or again maintain a certain weight it is okay to say no to food you don't need.  It is okay to make sacrifices.  It is the hardest thing in the world not to pour that extra glass of wine.  But you know what, it feels really good later when I didn't go over my calorie limit, when I don't feel that since of dread that I had too much.  And it feels really good not to give power to the wine or food.  And really that's what it's all about, you are giving a lifeless object power over your life, and how silly is that.  That is like a sci-fy show,  the wine bottle has suddenly come to life and now has me as a slave to it's evil desires of making me fat and miserable.  Seriously, why do I do that to myself?  Stupid.  Nothing has power over you unless you give it power.  Wine, and food are just that, wine and food, not a powerful demon or savior. 

I struggled with many excuses last week.  And looking at the list now, I laugh.  It is a silly and self-centered list.  While all those excuses are valid feelings, none of them can really hold water, none of them are really truth.  Time to give up the excuses and move forward.  Nothing wrong with making excuses, it is human nature after all, but to hold on to them, that's when problems arise.  So bag up your excuses and throw them away with me and lets move on.  I am ready.  Like I said last week, I know who I am and my weight has nothing to do with it.  The only time it matters is if I let it get in the way of who I am, and give it power.

Oh, I almost forgot, big excitement last week!  I wore real clothes when I treated myself and went out for lunch.  Not leggings and a large shirt, but my skinny jeans and rocked them with my boots tucked in!  Oh yes, I felt like a real person again, back my fashionable self.  So I took a picture, because I was that freaking happy.  Those jeans had been in my closet for over a year now, as I was unable to fit into them comfortably until last week when I was brave enough to try them on again.  I may just be getting a hang of this weight loss thing after all.  Cheers!

Week 7 Weigh in Results:

Happy news!  Even after a challenging week, I was able to stay the course and still drop a pound.  Here are my new numbers!

BMI: 24.72
Weight: 148.4
down about 1 pound:)

Next week marks the two month milestone, and I will be happy to take a couple new pictures to post my progress.   Time to keep tracking with my handy dandy app and keep this train rolling.  No more excuses.  And I may just have a little video dairy surprise up my shelve to unveil in the next week or so.  Cheers!

This post was originally published on my wine blog on 2/22/2012

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